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Product Code: SD6
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ISBN: 9789810868857
Author: Li Fanglan
Pages: 104
Shipping Weight: 260 g
Size: 190mm X 260mm X 7mm
Best for: Grade 6

MathExpress - Speed Maths Strategies series enables a child to work with numbers beyond the traditionally taught algorithms and to solve mathematical problems beyond conventional methods. The unique teaching methodology introduced at each level helps to build up the child's innate number sense which eventually leads to his/her improvements in school performance. No more 'maths-phobia'>

  • Level 1 - Addition And Subtraction Within 100
  • Level 2 - Addition And Subtraction Within 1000
  • Level 3 - More On Addition & Subtraction / Multiplication & Division
  • Level 4 - More On Multiplication & Division / Decimals
  • Level 5 - Fractions / Checking Answers  
  • Level 6 - Combined Strategies

The faster and easier method we use, the fewer mistakes we make!

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