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P3 my complete guide to word problems 2ED (advanced)

P3 my complete guide to word problems 2ED (advanced)
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Brand: FAN-Math Education
ISBN: 9789811851490
Author: Li Fanglan
Pages: 220
Shipping Weight: 475 g
Size: 190mm X 260mm X 10mm
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An essential learning resource designed to help primary school students of various mathematical abilities develop competency and fluency in solving both routine and non-routine mathematical problems.

Each school level is accompanied by two books: one focusing on functional problems (Basic) and the other on higher-order analytical thinking (Advanced). Through a combination of Thinking Activities, Guided Examples, and Parallel Practices, students are encouraged to go beyond mere recall of concepts and enhance their mathematical thinking and reasoning abilities.

By consistently engaging with this valuable resource, students will cultivate good thinking habits and develop excellent problem-solving skills, thereby adopting a process-based mindset for approaching real-life challenges.

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