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P6 Success In Math Pack 2024

P6 Success In Math Pack 2024
Price: S$57.70
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Product Code: MP6
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Brand: FAN-Math Education
ISBN: 9789810836122
Author: Li Fanglan
Pages: 0
Shipping Weight: 2,000 g
Size: 210mm X 297mm X 50mm
Best for: Primary 6

This bundle pack ensures that the child pursues an all-rounded approach in learning mathematics. The four different books, each emphasizing an important area of mathematical learning are bundled together. 

Book 1: Teach N Learn - Guides & Practices --- For the deep understanding of key concepts and skills.

Book 2: Process Skills In Problem Solving --- For developing higher-level problem-solving skills.

Book 3: PSLE Preliminary Exam --- For diagnosing learning difficulties and weak areas in PSLE.

Book 4: Simulated Maths Exam Papers --- For familiarising with school exam formats within time constraint to reduce the chance of 'freezing up' in real exams.

The best combination ever from FAN-Math!

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