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MOE Syllabus

Singapore Math refers to the principle and methodology adopted by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) in imparting mathematical knowledge to students in Singapore schools. It has received worldwide acclaim for its effectiveness in raising mathematical standards. The use of Singapore Math has spread rapidly across the world in the past decade. This has in turn, created ample opportunities for Singapore publishers to export their books overseas. The term ‘Singapore Math’ has since been used extensively as an advertising slogan. However, the frequent abuse of the term has misled many customers into buying books that do not use genuine Singapore teaching principle and methodology. (The central focus of Singapore Math framework is mathematical problem solving, that is, using mathematics to solve problems.) Instead, these books are just drills and practices based loosely on Singapore textbooks.

The latest Singapore Primary Mathematics Teaching And Learning Syllabus can be downloaded at

Primary 1 to 6 (Implementation starting with 2021 Primary 1 Cohort, updated up to Primary 4)


Primary 1 to 6 (Implementation starting with 2013 Primary 1 Cohort)