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Training Workshops

Professional Training Workshops For Parents/Educators

The learning of mathematics at all levels involves more than the basic acquisition of concepts and skills. It also crucially involves an understanding of the underlying mathematical thinking, the general strategies of problem solving and positive attitudes to and appreciation of mathematics as an important and powerful tool in everyday life. The objective of this workshop is to provide an insight into some important aspects of teaching and learning mathematics (conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills). The speaker will share with participants some effective methods through which children can be more productively engaged to develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. These processes can meaningfully enhance children’s mathematical experiences and their conceptual understanding in mathematics. Computer-aided instructions and fun-filled activities are designed to bring abstract mathematical concepts to life and enhance understanding.

Part I: Problem Solving Heuristics     Part II: MathExpress Mental Strategies

About The Speaker
The founder director of FAN-Math Education, Ms Li Fanglan has more than 20 years of teaching and writing experience in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Singapore, Australia and China. Being an award-winning teacher cum maths specialist, she has conducted Mathematics workshops for teachers and parents in many schools. There are numerous publications to her credit.

Academic-Excellence Workshops For Children

FAN-Math programmes have extended to more than 90 government schools island-wide.

PSLE Smart
This programme is to prepare the all-important PSLE through various problem solving strategies and examination tactics introduced. Pupils will revise all PSLE related concepts, skills and word problems, including 'non-routine' challenging problems. A series of mini-tests will be given to help pupils diagnose their weak areas and common mistakes. This workshop will greatly instill confidence in the preparation for PSLE.

Problem Solving Heuristics Approach
This programme is to develop a set of good habits of mind, and acquire a set of thinking skills and problem solving tactics. A wide range of fun-to-do activities with teaching aids and manipulatives are designed to stimulate, encourage and reward the pupils' learning efforts.

Mental Strategies
This programme is to improve speed and accuracy in solving math problems through effective, fun-to-learn strategies. Immediate results visible! 
For high achievers: Challenge them to master speedy calculations, develop the ability to analyse, simplify and think laterally.
For low achievers: Develop an interest for working, playing and experimenting with numbers as well as increase self-esteem. No more 'maths-phobia'!

Problem Solving Bar Model Approach
This programme focuses on helping pupils develop the problem solving skills especially model-drawing skills and the correct thinking processes. Model stickers are used in the teaching and learning processes to stimulate interest and enhance understanding. Pupils will become more able and confident in solving various types of word problems.

For more details, please contact our Education Consultant at cs@fanmath.com.sg.